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5 Ways to Avoid Hefty Bank Fees
September 28, 2015

Does it seem like having a bank account is costing you more and more money? If so, you’re in good company: According to a survey by WalletHub, the average bank account carries 25 different fees, and the average consumer pays 470 dollars in bank fees each year! Common fees include…

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Getting Back into the Swing of Things this Fall
September 21, 2015

During the summer, we all tend to relax a bit. Dress codes become a little looser, days are longer and less organized, and many of us spend a fair amount of time relaxing on vacation. But sometimes we can become a little too relaxed – with our finances, in particular!…

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself About Retirement
September 14, 2015

Deciding when to retire is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. It’s also one of the most important. The timing of your retirement will depend largely upon your personal financial situation, but also upon your expected lifestyle and even some amount of luck. There is no…

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The Problem with Retiring Before 65
September 7, 2015

Most people feel like they can’t wait to retire. For some, the anticipation is so great that they consider retiring “early”, at around age 62. This is the first age at which you can claim your Social Security benefits, even though your monthly check will be smaller than it would…

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How Long Will You Live?
August 24, 2015

As you plan for retirement, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is how long you expect to live. Of course, none of us can predict the future with 100 percent accuracy, and unexpected events do occur. But in general, there are several questions you can ask yourself…

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An Easy Way to Boost Your Retirement Income
August 17, 2015

Many retirees did everything they were supposed to do: They worked hard, saved their money, and retired with what they believed to be a comfortable amount of savings in their retirement funds. Planning to live off of the interest, they happily made plans and settled into their new way of…

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A Few Basic Facts About Social Security
August 10, 2015

All your life, you have paid into the Social Security program. Once you retire, you will claim your well-deserved benefits. They will become a part of your budget in retirement, so it helps to know what you should expect. There’s no need to memorize all of the program’s rules and…

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Does Everyone Need a Will?
August 2, 2015

We often tend to focus our financial planning around our goals for our own future. But you should also make a plan for your assets and property in the event of your death. You might believe that if something should happen to you, your spouse will automatically receive everything in…

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Can It Be Dangerous to Use a Debit Card?
July 27, 2015

You might love your debit card, because it provides you with an easy way to pay for purchases straight from your checking account. There are no interest charges, but no checks to write, either. Yet, there are some situations in which you should still use a credit card, due to…

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Watch Out for This Important Deadline
July 20, 2015

As you enter retirement, you will need to take notice of several important dates. And you probably already know that you can enroll in Medicare when you turn 65. In fact, you’re probably counting on the program to pay your medical expenses. But did you know that missing the deadline…

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