Great Jobs for Retirees


Great Jobs for Retirees

Posted by Infinite Wealth Advisors, LLC
10 years ago | November 5, 2014

One man and his dogWhile you may have pictured retiring to a tropical island, never to work again, that isn’t always the reality for some seniors. With life the average expectancy increasing, many of us will spend more years in retirement than our parents and grandparents did. Luckily, there are ways you can work part-time in retirement to supplement your income, and still have time to take at least a few island vacations. The following jobs are considered to be ideal for retirees looking for a little extra cash.

Retail. Retail jobs offer flexible shifts, and the work isn’t too physically demanding. If you just want to work part of the year, most retailers hire holiday help in the busy fall seasons. Best of all, you can earn a significant employee discount, so apply for work at your favorite stores.

Tax preparation. This is another great seasonal opportunity, since you’ll only need to work from January to April when large accounting firms are looking for extra help. It’s also a great way to keep your mind sharp and stay up to date on tax regulations.

Tour guide. This may also be a seasonal position, but the pay can be as much as 20 dollars per hour. While giving tours of wineries, museums, and historical sites may sound too physically taxing, many tour guides don’t actually walk on foot. Segway tours are becoming more and more popular, and many tour guides work while riding buses, trains, cable cars, and so on.

Home health care. This is an ideal position for someone with previous medical experience, but it isn’t always required. In many cases an older senior citizen simply needs someone to sit with them and be present in case of an emergency. If you enjoy working with people, this could be a rewarding position.

School district employee. If you enjoy being around children, and only want to work a few hours per day, this position could be a good fit for you. By working for your local school system, you can also earn valuable benefits like health insurance – a great deal for an early retiree who isn’t yet eligible for Medicare.

Working for a non-profit charity. These groups often cannot afford to hire full-time help, so they gravitate toward dependable retirees who need a part-time job. If you enjoy helping people, this could also be a great way to find personal fulfillment in retirement.


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