Managing Risk

Asset Protection is Job #1

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Growth and Protection

Risk is inherent in the world of finance. As you enter retirement, you will face a number of risks, such as inflation, taxes, longevity, and market fluctuations. It’s not always possible to completely avoid all risks, but a comprehensive financial plan will include risk management strategies to minimize your exposure.

Knowledge is the key to making responsible decisions with regard to risk. Working closely with an experienced member of our team can help you to understand the risks you face, and aide you in choosing the right asset allocations for your situation.

Asset Class Allocations

Balancing your desire for growth with your tolerance for potential losses is a key part of your risk management strategy. These values can and do change over time, depending upon your goals and stage of life, and you should continue to balance them as you prepare for retirement. Our team will help you develop the right mix of fixed income securities, equities, cash and other assets.

Declining Market Strategies

As you may have noticed from past events, the stock market sometimes takes a big hit, from which it takes a long time to recover. Smaller fluctuations are normal and expected, but these more significant events can drastically alter your retirement plans. While we don’t claim to have a crystal ball that predicts the movement of the stock market, we do help our clients prepare for these events and minimize losses when possible.

Asset Protection

In the event of a civil lawsuit or collection action, your assets can become vulnerable. Luckily, some asset classes are protected from judgments and creditors by state and federal law. We can partner with your attorney to shelter your assets, by utilizing life insurance strategies, trusts, or a limited family partnership.

Asset Management

You’ve probably heard that you should diversify your assets, by investing in an array of mutual funds or bonds. Yes, this is a helpful way to minimize potential losses, but it’s also a smart tax strategy. Different assets are treated differently under the tax code, and you may be able to use diversification as a method of reducing your tax burden. We can help you identify assets that offer tax-advantaged income, have tax-deferral benefits, or help you avoid cumbersome capital gains taxes.

As you can see, risk management involves a very big picture. We can help you analyze each part of your overall strategy so that they fit together to best protect your assets.

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