Retirees Will Enjoy Greater Senior Living Opportunities


Retirees Will Enjoy Greater Senior Living Opportunities

Posted by Infinite Wealth Advisors, LLC
8 years ago | October 26, 2015

iStock_000038605478_SmallWhen your grandparents or parents planned for retirement, they counted upon living another ten years or so. Life expectancy was shorter for previous generations, and they planned their finances accordingly. Generally speaking, these retirees also anticipated that they might need to move to a nursing home at some point. But such a move was considered a necessity due to health reasons, not a general lifestyle option for retirement.

Today’s generation of workers faces a much more optimistic outlook for retirement. First of all, you can expect to live twenty or thirty years after retirement, due to improved health care. That’s great news, but it also means you might need to consider a longer stay in a senior living center at some point. You might not opt for a traditional nursing home unless it becomes absolutely necessary, but in the meantime you might appreciate the different medically supported living situations available to seniors these days.

Today’s retirees expect a greater quality of life, and new senior living centers reflect our changing times. When the time comes, you might be able to choose from various assisted living centers that offer different levels of medical support and amenities. Most centers now respond to consumer demand by providing swimming pools, recreational opportunities, spas, exercise classes, transportation to community events, and more.

You might choose to move into a retirement village, in which you are able to maintain your own separate home. A nurse or personal care assistant will visit you each day to help with medication or personal care needs. The entire neighborhood benefits from provided lawn care, transportation, and other valuable amenities. The village might also provide assistance with shopping and other daily tasks. Seniors love these villages because they enjoy safety and support, while maintaining their own independence.

It’s encouraging to see that society is adapting to the changing needs of our senior citizens. However, these services are not free. As with anything else, greater quality of service means a higher price tag. As you plan for retirement, investigate all of your future living options. Schedule an appointment with us to learn how to set up a stream of income that will cover your preferred lifestyle as you age.



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