Retirement: It Isn’t All About the Money


Retirement: It Isn’t All About the Money

Posted by Infinite Wealth Advisors, LLC
10 years ago | September 3, 2014


PRetirement planning often centers around budgeting, saving money, and investing wisely. But if you want to really enjoy your retirement, creating a comfortable lifestyle is only the first step. Those who feel truly fulfilled during retirement know that it takes more than just money. Check out the following strategies from successful retirees:

When someone asks you when you plan to retire, give them this answer. Reply with a number, but not your age. Plan your retirement around a savings goal, rather than a birthday. This way you’ll be sure to save enough to live a comfortable lifestyle, rather than retiring simply because you feel like your time is up at work.

Look forward to a goal. Whether you loathe your job or truly enjoy it, try not to view retirement as an escape from prison. Rather than focusing on what you don’t want to do anymore, focus on what you do want to do. Make plans for your retirement and give yourself something to look forward to.

Take care of your health. It’s doubtful that your retirement goals center around lying in bed. Keep yourself healthy now, so that you’ll be able to enjoy retirement later. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and avoid cigarettes and excessive alcohol. You’ll be grateful for your good health later.

Keep your relationships healthy, too. Some retirees become very secluded, and this leads to loneliness and depression. Make sure that your retirement plans allow for time with friends and family, or even meeting new friends.

Try new things. Most of your life has been spent working, and you may have put off other ambitions in order to focus on your career. Retirement is the time to cross those items off of your bucket list! Sign up for a painting class, learn to play a musical instrument, or take up cycling. You can do more than you may think.

Give back. Retirement is the time to indulge in your own dreams, but focusing on yourself can actually feel stale after a while. Successful retirees stay involved in their communities and participate in charity work. If you feel passionate about a cause, find a way to donate your time. You’ll enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment at the end of each day.

Live each day to its fullest. Now is the time to get things done. Live with a sense of urgency, knowing that your time now belongs solely to you. Each day counts, so get out there and live your life without regrets.













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