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The Three Worst Types of Debt
October 8, 2014

High debt load is a problem for many American households. Some types of debt, like a mortgage, are practically unavoidable. But others are often unnecessary and can be devastating to your overall financial picture. To keep your financial outlook healthy, avoid these three types of debt. Payday loans. You may…

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The 3 Most Common Money Regrets
September 24, 2014

When planning for a major change in your life, it’s often helpful to talk to people who have successfully navigated unfamiliar waters. These people can share their success stories, and you can learn a lot from them. On the other hand, sometimes we learn just as much from others’ regrets….

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Retired? You Can Change Your Mind!
September 17, 2014

You may think that once you’re retired, it’s “game over” for your career. But the truth is, many retirees find themselves bored, unfulfilled, or developing new goals that require an increase in spending money. Maybe you retired earlier than you had intended, due to health issues, and then your condition…

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6 Strategies to Save More for Retirement
September 10, 2014

  You work hard, and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor now. And yet, it’s important to find that balance between spending and saving. You can’t live your entire life watching the clock and waiting for tomorrow; but you do want to ensure that tomorrow is comfortable….

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Retirement: It Isn’t All About the Money
September 3, 2014

  Retirement planning often centers around budgeting, saving money, and investing wisely. But if you want to really enjoy your retirement, creating a comfortable lifestyle is only the first step. Those who feel truly fulfilled during retirement know that it takes more than just money. Check out the following strategies…

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Early Withdrawals From Retirement Savings Accounts
August 27, 2014

When you first began saving for retirement using tax-deferred retirement plans, you should have been informed that you would be subject to a penalty for withdrawing any funds before age 59 ½. However, under the following circumstances you may be able to withdraw funds without paying a penalty: Death. Your…

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Your Empty Nest Provides Room for Retirement Savings
August 20, 2014

  Once the children have grown up and moved out, many couples find the “empty nest” years to be fun and fulfilling. Now that the kids are gone and paying their own bills, you may find that you have more money to spend on yourself. It’s a great time to…

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Retirement: Special Considerations for Women
August 13, 2014

Women often express concerns over having enough money for retirement, and it’s no wonder: One study found that the average retirement savings for women age 65 to 69 is 22 percent less than that of men of the same age. When you think about the fact that women tend to…

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Watch Out for these Milestone Birthdays
August 5, 2014

As we age, we tend to think all of our big milestones are behind us. You were able to drive at 16, you voted at age 18, and so on. Yet, when it comes to planning for retirement, there are several important birthdays you should anticipate. Several retirement programs and…

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself About Retirement
July 23, 2014

One huge misconception about planning for retirement is that you only need to answer one question: How much do I need to save? It’s a myth that there is some one-size-fits-all number out there, and all you have to do is discover this magical secret number. It’s true that the…

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