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Ready to Retire? Ask Yourself These Four Questions
May 23, 2016

The decision to retire is one of the more important moments of your life. If you set a savings goal years ago, you might assume that you’re ready to retire once you’ve met that goal. But because retirement readiness depends on much more than one number, you should still take…

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5 Financial Mistakes To Avoid
May 16, 2016

We talk to a lot of retirees who often express the wish that they had made different financial planning decisions in the past. And of course there are those in their forties and fifties, who are looking forward to retirement, but are nervous because they know they have already made…

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Life Insurance Has Evolved to Better Meet Your Needs
May 9, 2016

Life insurance first emerged as a financial product several hundred years ago. Back then, the primary purpose of a life insurance policy was to provide income to the dependents of a person who unexpectedly passed away (usually the husband and father of the family). Without this “death benefit”, many widows…

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How Long Can You Live on Your Retirement Income?
May 4, 2016

Over the past two generations, the “American retirement dream” has changed significantly. Your parents and grandparents probably retired with a little money in the bank, or drawing a pension from a former employer, and then they enjoyed about a decade of retirement. But with most of us looking forward to…

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Behind on Retirement Savings? Catch Up Now
April 25, 2016

Early in your career, you might have been focused on paying down student loan debt, saving to purchase your first home, getting married, or having children. But at some point, reality hits: I’m going to retire someday, and I haven’t saved nearly enough! When you first started working for your…

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This Tax Deduction Could Save You Big Bucks
April 4, 2016

Do you dread having to write a big check to the IRS each spring? Like everyone else, you probably search for every tax deduction and credit that could help you lower your bill. But for most of these tax breaks to count, you have to wrap them up by December…

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Protect Yourself from Tax Season Scams
March 28, 2016

You might not enjoy tax season, but guess who loves it? Con artists look forward to this time of year, because many of their scams involve identity theft and tax refund schemes. Protect yourself, and your personal information, by keeping your eyes peeled for these signs of trouble. Suspicious phone…

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9 Ways to Earn a Larger Social Security Check
March 21, 2016

As you plan for retirement, Social Security is likely to make up a significant part of your income equation. You’re probably nervous about whether your projected retirement income can really sustain you, so it makes sense to maximize every part of that income. We often talk about boosting your own…

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6 Common Mistakes Made by Retirees
February 22, 2016

When you were younger, you saw decades of work ahead of you. You knew that if you made any financial mistakes, you could hopefully make up for them over time. But once you enter retirement, the game has changed. You probably don’t want to be forced back to work, or…

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When Will I Retire?
February 1, 2016

“When will I retire?” That’s one of the most common questions we hear from our clients? Of course, what people are asking is when they will be able to retire. The answer to that question is different for everyone, of course, but taking the following steps can help you get…

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