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Remember to Review Your Beneficiaries
October 29, 2014

When your bought a life insurance policy or started a retirement account years ago, you were asked to name a beneficiary for the funds. But like most people, you may not have given a thought to those beneficiaries in all the years since! There are several reasons that you may…

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4 Steps to a More Comfortable Cash Flow
October 22, 2014

For better or worse, most retirees live on a fixed budget of some sort. Even if you’ve saved a large sum of money over the years, you still have to plan your retirement account distributions carefully so that you don’t outlive your money. Therefore, managing your cash flow is essential…

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Avoid These Life Insurance Mistakes
October 15, 2014

You want to protect your family’s financial future, but shopping for life insurance can be a bit confusing. Since insurance policies are never one-size-fits-all, you will need to do some careful research and comparison shopping. Just remember to watch out for these common life insurance mistakes. Neglecting to perform a…

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The Three Worst Types of Debt
October 8, 2014

High debt load is a problem for many American households. Some types of debt, like a mortgage, are practically unavoidable. But others are often unnecessary and can be devastating to your overall financial picture. To keep your financial outlook healthy, avoid these three types of debt. Payday loans. You may…

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